was born in the 1988 .Has been working in the field of the glass, mechanical, ceramic and stone industries since 1988. The company is specialized in the production of diamond discs for the cutting of glass, satisfyng its client with its price quality ratio, providing a reliable and safe product. SI.OL. DIAMANT was also the first company to have included, in the field of glass, diamond discs of 14/15 mm., with separate-sectored discs, for blind cutting. SI.OL. DIAMANT' S experience has enabled the company's to modify small-dimensioned, compressed-air and electric tools, which are able to carry out difficult jobs, such as, for example, the carrying out of the notches, also centred, in aumoured glass. This has been made possible by applying a diamond tipped blade onto a modified alternate saw. this new product will be presented at Vitrum 2005 together with other small machines for difficult jobs, which will astonish, above all, for their fuctionality and low cost.

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